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Faster and easier establishment of business connections between companies in the region as well as with companies abroad is the main mission of the business showroom. It has been conceived as a permanent exhibition of all products from Herzegovina, a venue for occasional events for the purpose of networking enterprises and promotion of new products, and in general as a central information point on all manufacturing businesses in the region.
Exhibition area includes modern equipment, a designed exhibition space, which will meet all demands of quality and effective exhibition and product presentation. Its location in the centre of INTERA Technology Park, surrounded by conference rooms and educational centre will ensure the attention of businesses, media and public in general.
  • presentation and promotion of local products,
  • connecting legal entities from the region (networking, association in clusters, etc.),
  • comprehensive presentation of the region's capacities to business entities from abroad,
  • raise the level of marketing approach to SMEs in the region, 
  • presentation of similar groups from abroad,
  • organizing various themed events.
Target groups:
  • Products from the Herzegovina region,
  • Businesspersons / investors,
  • Businesses and economic delegation from abroad,
  • Educational institutions (schools and colleges),
  • All individuals wishing to learn about Herzegovinian products.

EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS - European Enterprise Network

In 2008, in the framework of the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP), the European Commission established the European Enterprise Network (European Enterprise Network - EEN) as the largest network of contact points that provides  SMEs with a wide range of services and information about business cooperation, innovation, knowledge transfer, and technologies as well as cooperation and participation in the EU programmes.
European Enterprise Network is made up of almost 600 partner organizations and institutions (chambers, agencies, institutes, etc.) and provides excellent contacts and links in 49 countries and 83 consortiums: EU27, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, and the candidate countries (Croatia, Turkey, Macedonia), third countries (Armenia, Chile, Russia), and connects over 4,000 experts in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology transfer in order to promote competitiveness and innovation at local and European level and beyond.
1.    Information, education and internationalization of enterprises
  • Business cooperation database
  • Free seminars, info days
  • Free publications and brochures
  • Information about open EU tenders
  • Information about EU issues and legislation
When you expand your business to another country, you need competent and reliable partners. European Enterprise Network helps you find them! Our database of business cooperation contains thousands of company profiles, companies that seek successful partners, just like you.
Business Cooperation Database (Business Cooperation Database - BCD) is an online system through which companies get the opportunity to enter foreign markets. BCD is a two-way system that holds information on companies looking for partners abroad and contains profiles of foreign companies seeking business cooperation with companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Based on the submitted data, the database automatically links the possible business partners. The service is free and finding business partners is easier and faster.
2.    Innovation, technology and knowledge transfer
  • Technology base
  • Commercialization of innovation
  • Companies visit
  • B2B meetings
  • Business consulting
If your ambition is to be on the European market, if you are looking for a new technology, you want to arrange licensing of your innovative product / service / process / joint development or some other form of cooperation, if you want to upgrade the existing business model - EEN network can find you the necessary targeted contacts and potential partners. The main tool of the network is the database of supply and demand of technologies.
3.    Research and development
  • Database of partners for research projects       
  • Information on open FP7 calls for proposals
  • Tips for writing projects connecting industry and science
Do you want to expand your business to Bosnia and Herzegovina?
The main objective is to offer a simple and practical solution for soft landing. A set of services ensures easy and convenient entry or expansion to new markets.
We offer support in establishing new contacts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in accessing resources and information necessary for the specifics of your business.
Through our set of services, we ensure easier way to faster and easier start.
To support the development and creation of new businesses, we offer the following services:
- Hosting (fully equipped office space)
- Consulting
- Seeking investors
- Business matchmaking