Sixth cycle of “Moja praksa” programme nearing its end

INTERA Technology Park is proud to announce that the sixth cycle of the “Moja praksa” programme within the Partnership for Innovation programme, supported by USAID, will soon end.
This is a highly successful project whose goal is to make it easier for young people to enter the labour market through practical work on real projects. Impressive numbers speak sufficiently about the project’s success. In six cycles, 730 applications arrived, 250 of applicants were selected to join the programme, 50% of the participants got a job opportunity in the companies in which they worked on the project as part of the “Moja praksa” programme.
We can proudly say that all six cycles were marked by hanging out, learning, meeting new people, and by valuable experience for future work challenges.
Over 140 applications arrived in the sixth cycle, and 65 of those candidates were selected to participate. During three months of the programme, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the basics of business skills with a focus on team work, leadership, communication skills, job seeking skills, and presentation skills.
Purpose of the programme was to offer the participants a chance to work on projects in their profession that were created for them by the local companies involved in the programme based on their needs. Nine local companies participated in this cycle of the programme. It should be noted that throughout the programme, teams could use professional mentoring to complete the project as good as possible.
Novelty in this cycle is the participation of companies from tourism. In addition to students of tourism and environment, students of law, economics, mechanical engineering, and computer science, civil engineering, and IT also participated.
Final presentation of projects is planned for mid-July 2016, when the teams will present projects they worked on and will receive a diploma as a confirmation of a successfully completed project.
We wish all the participants successful preparation for the final presentations of their projects, during which they will demonstrate the results of their three-month work and dedication.