How to get 2016 grant funds of Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts of FBiH

On 6th June 2016, beginning at 14:00 in the Oslo conference room, INTERA Technology Park is organising presentation of the Public call for selection of beneficiaries of grants from the current funds of the Federation Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts.
Representatives of the Ministry will present the options and requirements of the call in 10 categories:
-          Subventions to innovators – individuals,
-          Improvement of institutional entrepreneurial infrastructure,
-          Subventions to projects financed by EU and other foreign donors,
-          Subventions to associations, chambers and educational institutions,
-          Technical harmonisation,
-         Subventions to traditional and old crafts,
-         Subventions to newly founded SME,
-         Subventions to women’s entrepreneurship,
-        Subventions to young people’s entrepreneurship, and
-         Strengthening the competitiveness of technologically updated SMEs.
Similar event was organised last year as well in INTERA Technology Park , and some of the last year’s beneficiaries of the Federation Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts grant funds obtained useful information during that event exactly. 
We invited all those interested in calls to come to this event and get first-hand relevant information about the call options and requirements, which can help you to decide to apply.
You can apply by sending an e-mail to by 5th June 2015 latest.